Valentine’s Gift Sets at Moon Dance Designs

Hi all! It’s already February, and that means…Valentine’s Day! I have been working on a few treats for just that day!

I have put together two Valentine Gift Sets, great for gift giving! All items are also available separately.

Valentine Gift Set 1

This Gift set includes:
~Diamond Heart Necklace/Earring Set (boxed in a beautiful velvet case, which can be used for display)

Diamond Heart Set

~Chocolate Bon-Bon Box. Just click the box for your very own animated and texture changing (20!) bon-bon. (Box 2 is included in this gift set)

Chocolate Box 1

Chocolate Box 2

Chocolate Box 3

Chocolate Box 4

~Champagne with Ice Bucket. Scripted to dispense an open, hand-held bottle of bubbling champagne. This set also includes 2 Bubbling Champage flutes, also scripted to dispense a hand-held flute of champage to leisurely sip!

Champagne Set

~Single stem Rose Bud, just click it to recieve your hand-held copy of the rose bud! (Individually priced item comes with the Rose stem in an etched glass vase)

Rose Bud in Vase

~Serving Tray
Valentine Gift Set 2

This cute gift set includes:

~I Love You Necklace and Earring set (includes a Display Only velvet box)

I Love You Set

~Valentine Teddy Bear with Rose

Valentine Bear with Rose

~3 Valentine’s Day Balloons

Valentine Balloons

~Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet in Vase

Come see the GIANT Teddy Bear holding a huge balloon bouquet, balloon bouquets also available!

Moon Dance Designs is involved in the Blues Muse Grid Hunts (Sponsored by Blues Island) this year….the first of the season is the My Heart Bleeds Blue Hunt, running from Feb 1st-Feb 28. I will help you guys out with the landmark to the first stop on the hunt! (be sure to look UP!!) *giggles*

Don’t forget that Moon Dance Designs participates in the 60L Sunday each week! And, since the shops involved is growing SO quickly…the group has decided to start the sale on Saturdays…that’s 2 WHOLE DAYS to shop for great items at only 60L!

Remember the Midnight Mania board and the subscriber for a free gift!

Happy Shopping!



Holiday Happenings at Moon Dance Designs

It’s Christmas at Moon Dance Designs! The shop is decorated, and we are waiting on Santa!

Visit daily for our Christmas Advent Calendar..25 days of free gifts! Just click the date on the calendar to receive your free gift! The calendar is filled with jewelry gifts, holiday home deco, many surprises!

Also, we have the Santa Lucky Chair, sit on Santa’s lap if your letter is on his list!

Don’t forget the Midnight Mania board, always filled with goodies…and 60 Linden Sundays…a specially priced item each Sunday!

Happy Holidays from Moon Dance Designs.

New Outlets for Moon Dance Designs

I’d like to let you know of the new outlets that I’ve opened recently…

Moon Dance Designs at the Courtyard on Blues Island…where Blues is a way of life!

Moon Dance Designs at Christmas Island on The Foundry. Have a look and a skate around this winter wonderland!

The Darker Side of the Moon…on The Foundry…SL’s premier Metal club.

The Darker Side of the Moon…on Flagstaff…Located on one of the Regent Estates sims, Flagstaff, many great biker sims, with plenty of room to ride! This shop features Moon Dance Designs male jewelry, gothic pieces, anything and everything to fit the biker lifestyle.

Rings, Rings, and more Rings!

I’ve apparently been on a ring-making binge…so the rest of the release is just that…rings!

First is an addition to the “Promises…” line with a new set for the ladies…and a new band for the gents.

The Sweetheart Wedding Set is a three ring set, Ladies rings only, an engagement ring, wedding band, and a linked set of the engagement/wedding band. The Sweetheart has a central heart shaped diamond, surrounded on one side by smaller round diamonds, and open heart filigree work on the other side.

Sweetheart Wedding Set:

Sweetheart Wedding Set-Gold

Sweetheart Wedding Set-Silver

The Men’s Diamond Wedding Band is a solid band of gold or silver…encircled by round set diamonds.

Men’s Diamond Wedding Band:

Men's Diamond Band-Gold

Men's Diamond Band-Silver

The other new releases rings are as follows:

“Anne” :

Anne Ring-Gold

Anne Ring-Silver

“Lissa” :

Lissa Ring-Gold

Lissa Ring-Silver

“Queen Lissa” :

Queen Lissa Ring-Gold

Queen Lissa Ring-Silver

“Princess” :

Princess Ring-Gold

Princess Ring-Silver

The Sweetheart Birthstone Ring is color change with each month of the year available.

Sweetheart Birthstone Ring:

Sweetheart Birthstone Ring-Gold

Sweetheart Birthstone Ring-Silver

With this huge release of new rings…I will be discontinuing the previous releases of 12 rings…These rings have been marked down to 25L until the end of the year, when they poof from the SL grid! (Discontinued rings are in the back of the shop, on a rack unto themselves).

Holiday Releases

Hi all! I’ve been gearing up for the holidays with some newness for your avi! Please take a look at all the goodies in this release.

Firstly, I’ve been busy with remodeling the shop, please come out to have a look at the smaller, more comfy shop!

On to the new releases!
 One of the most used phrases in text, and especially in SL is “LOL”…I happen to like it…cuz I do a lot of it! So in honor of laughter…I’ve made a cute series of jewelry pieces, called “Love of Laughter” *giggles*. Each piece is the initials “LOL” all made from sparkly set diamonds.


LOL Necklace


LOL Earrings

Belly Ring:

LOL Belly Ring

Belly Chain:

LOL Belly Chain

LOL Belly Chain

I’ve had a request to add to the “Hearts in a Row” line…with a necklace and choker. Previous releases of the “Hearts in a Row” were earrings and bracelet.


Hearts in a Row Necklace

Leather Choker:

Hearts in a Row Leather Choker

Moon Dance Designs Salon-Nails!

.:MDD Salon:. Prim Nails was released at the 2009 Jewelry Fair…now in shop with several variations. Some nail sets also can be purchased with a Moon Dance Designs ring!

The Basic Manicure with “Anne” Ring is a set of square tipped manicure with attached “Anne” Ring. “Anne” is a platinum ring with a large round diamond with smaller diamond insets surronding the larger stone.

This manicure is designed for the right hand, size 10. The prim nails are menu scripted for 9 basic textures, color change scripts for endless color combinations, a brightness/shiny option as well as positioning and rotation for a perfect fit!

Prim Nails-Square Tip-Basic Anne Ring Prim Nails-Square Tip-Basic Anne Ring
The Basic Manicure comes in 5 sizes, are also menu scripted with textures, color change, brigthness/shiny, as well as positions and rotation.
They are available in Square Tips:
Prim Nails-Square Tip-Basic Manicure Prim Nails-Square Tip-Basic Manicure
Pointed Tips:
PN-PtdTip-Basic Prim Nails-Pointed Tip-Basic Manicure
Round Tips:
Prim Nails-Round Tip-Basic Manicure Prim Nails-Round Tip-Basic Manicure
Come check out all the new and exciting items at Moon Dance Designs!

Moon Dance Designs Salon-Eyelashes!

Moon Dance Designs now has a special section called .:MDD Salon:. Featuring Prim Eyelashes and Prim Nails (for starters!)

Have a look at this release of lashes:

Eyelashes 1

Eyelashes 1

Eyelashes 2

Eyelashes 2

Eyelashes 3

Eyelashes 3

Eyelashes 4

Eyelashes 4

Eyelashes 5

Eyelashes 5

Eyelashes 6

Eyelashes 6

Eyelashes 7

Eyelashes 7

Eyelashes 8

Eyelashes 8

Eyelashes 9

Eyelashes 9

Eyelashes 10

Eyelashes 10

Eyelashes 11

Eyelashes 11

Eyelashes 12

Eyelashes 12