New Releases @ Moon Dance Designs

Hi all!! First off, I do apologize for not being able to release more goodies for you at Moon Dance Designs this year, with lots of RL changes…and a few SL changes! But I am now back (once again), refreshed, and ready to build you all types of goodies for the up-coming holidays!

This week’s release is full of Halloween goodness…several of them on the 60L Weekends event!

First off, is a cute Halloween necklace with a tiny glass vial as the pendant/centerpiece. The scene inside the glass bottle is just GHOSTLY!

Captured Spirits Necklace

And, of course, ghostly earrings to go along with the necklace.

Spooky Earring Set

I have created three new Unisex rings for your Halloween (or any season)! These are re-size scripted for a perfect fit to any size avi!

Spider King Unisex Ring


Pentagram Signet Ring


Dragon Signet Ring

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in an effort to raise the level of breast cancer awareness, celebrating survivors and honoring those that have made the ultimate sacrifce, Moon Dance Designs offers you a free gift.

BCA Ribbon Necklace Oct 2011

And as usual, have a look around the sim, as that was one of MANY projects during my break, remodeling the sim. There are plenty of places to visit, with teleports to all the great spots! Including Moonie’s Meeroo Jungle!

Moon Dance Designs Fall 2011

Happy Shopping and Exploring!

MoonMaiden Horner
.:Moon Dance Designs:.