Valentine’s Gift Sets at Moon Dance Designs

Hi all! It’s already February, and that means…Valentine’s Day! I have been working on a few treats for just that day!

I have put together two Valentine Gift Sets, great for gift giving! All items are also available separately.

Valentine Gift Set 1

This Gift set includes:
~Diamond Heart Necklace/Earring Set (boxed in a beautiful velvet case, which can be used for display)

Diamond Heart Set

~Chocolate Bon-Bon Box. Just click the box for your very own animated and texture changing (20!) bon-bon. (Box 2 is included in this gift set)

Chocolate Box 1

Chocolate Box 2

Chocolate Box 3

Chocolate Box 4

~Champagne with Ice Bucket. Scripted to dispense an open, hand-held bottle of bubbling champagne. This set also includes 2 Bubbling Champage flutes, also scripted to dispense a hand-held flute of champage to leisurely sip!

Champagne Set

~Single stem Rose Bud, just click it to recieve your hand-held copy of the rose bud! (Individually priced item comes with the Rose stem in an etched glass vase)

Rose Bud in Vase

~Serving Tray
Valentine Gift Set 2

This cute gift set includes:

~I Love You Necklace and Earring set (includes a Display Only velvet box)

I Love You Set

~Valentine Teddy Bear with Rose

Valentine Bear with Rose

~3 Valentine’s Day Balloons

Valentine Balloons

~Flower Bouquet

Flower Bouquet in Vase

Come see the GIANT Teddy Bear holding a huge balloon bouquet, balloon bouquets also available!

Moon Dance Designs is involved in the Blues Muse Grid Hunts (Sponsored by Blues Island) this year….the first of the season is the My Heart Bleeds Blue Hunt, running from Feb 1st-Feb 28. I will help you guys out with the landmark to the first stop on the hunt! (be sure to look UP!!) *giggles*

Don’t forget that Moon Dance Designs participates in the 60L Sunday each week! And, since the shops involved is growing SO quickly…the group has decided to start the sale on Saturdays…that’s 2 WHOLE DAYS to shop for great items at only 60L!

Remember the Midnight Mania board and the subscriber for a free gift!

Happy Shopping!



Two New Releases!

Hi all! A few new releases this week! I’ve got two necklace and earring sets out today.

The first set, “Da Bomb”, is just that! A cute set with an exploding bomb as the centerpieces.

Da Bomb Set

My love of music comes forth in the second set, “Musical Charm”. It features a diamond guitar as the centerpiece, with charms dangling from the golden chain.

Musical Charm Set

Happy shopping!


New Releases at Moon Dance Designs

Happy New Year All!

The holidays are finally over, and I’m finding a little more time in SL to create!

Two things have been on my mind lately…how cold it is where I am in the real world and the next holiday, of course!

I’ve come up with another “Bundle Up” set…a cute stocking cap, and WARM boots for your cold sl days! All pieces are texture change with many color combinations!

Bundle Up II Set

Of couse, as we all know, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so I wanted to get a head start on it (just dreaming of those warmer days!). So I have for you or a sweetie, several necklace/earring sets. The “Sweet Hearts” Set is a necklace and earring set crafted out of diamond studded hearts set in 24K gold settings. Two different color options.

Sweet Hearts Set-Diamond

Sweet Hearts Set-Diamond-Ruby

The next set is a Diamond Drop necklace/earring set with a delicate diamond drop pendant accenting both the 24K gold necklace and earrings.

Diamond Drop Set

Don’t forget that Moon Dance Designs particpates in 60L Sunday each week…a great new item each week for only 60L!

Happy Shopping!