More Holiday Releases!

More holiday goodies in this release…just simple fun stuff for the holidays 🙂

It’s been so cold (unseasonably) where I am in the real world…decided to put together a little set to keep my avi warm as well!

The Bundle Up Set comes with a double wrapped scarf, warm mittens, and a set of ear muffs. All pieces are texture change with many color combinations to match your Winter outfits.

Bundle Up Set

Cute Candy Cane Necklace and Earring set to also accent your holiday outfits.

Candy Cane Set

And just for fun…some Wintertime Huggies….cuddle up with these cute huggables!

Gingerbread Man Huggie

Santa Huggie

Polar Bear Huggie

And a Gingerbread Man for your mouth! No calories! Comes in two versions.

Gingerbread Man Mouthie

Don’t forget all the Holiday Happenings at Moon Dance Designs!

In the main shop in Monty, we are celebrating the holidays with our Advent Calendar! 25 Days of Christmas! Each day will be a great new gift behind the number…just click for your goodies!

We are also particpating in 60L Sunday. A great deal each Sunday! 

Lock down the Midnight Mania board for a different gift each time!

Santa is also in shop…See Santa’s Lucky Chair for great prizes!

Discontinuing a previous releases of 12 rings…These rings have been marked down to 25L until the end of the year, when they poof from the SL grid! (Discontinued rings are in the back of the shop, on a rack unto themselves).


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