Vendor Support Month-June 2009

Vendor Support Month Poster

Vendor Support Month Poster

There was a designer, with an idea of making a 10L hunt. A hunt, that is not quite your usual freebie hunt with hundreds of stores, hours spent – and some wasted, just to be annoyed, lagged, and end up with a bloated inventory of things you might have not wanted to get in the first place, just to get to the end of the line.

So, taking that idea, we have organized this hunt, and came up with the idea of Vendor Support Month for the month of June.

Now.. As a content creator and designer, I know of the struggles to get attention, traffic, and a customer/client base. I enjoy giving to the community. We have all been new, and we have wanted to look a little better than the stock avatars that LL has given us. I understand times are hard, and not everyone can make enough money or just “pull some out” to spend on lindens to buy our creations. However, most designers rely heavily on the support and contribution of the people here in SL.

Second Life has become a platform for many creative aspects. We all enjoy them and we all have our favourite designers, hair stores, animation stores, script stores. As a whole, we as consumers and business owners make the SL economy WORK. It is just like real life. Sims do not run on creativity alone. Someone has to recieve the compensation. We all understand this as well as we understand paying rent/morgage in our real lives.

This notecard is not an attack on hunts, as stated many times before. And the Vendor Awareness Month is not designed to attack freebies in general, or any one person or organization. It’s purpose is to instill hope and growth to the SL economy so that it will continue to thrive, and promote awareness to those who deliver the quality goods that we may take for granted every day.

We as designers wish to serve the consumer and more importantly, continue to serve. We enjoy the support and literally, some of us cannot live without it. Many of us use this platform as our singular source of income. Some of us have children. It’s not a game when you deal with real obligations such as that. Some people work tirelessly on creating good, quality content just for everyone to enjoy. We don’t ask for much in return.

A balance needs to be made. Grid Wide Hunts have snowballed out of control and no one is happy.So, as an alternative to the usual Grid-Wide hunt, we offer a little twist. To kick off the Vendor Support Appreciation Month, there will be a 10L hunt of 50 supporters who have agreed to display one quality gift to participants. No more running and searching for a box – this gift will be displayed in the open with an image of what is being presented, bringing the focus to the quality and display of the item, while allowing the customer to browse the rest of the store. Fact is, we want you to see our stores, sit and stay a while, check out our lucky chairs and maybe even get to know a few of us.

Moreover, these vendors will be compiled into a directory on a website . This website will show you the vendors participating, and a summarized list of the type of goods they produce. Consumers will be able to see what they are purchasing before they buy, and enjoy visiting possible new stores.
Basically, we want the same thing everyone does. Designers have as many horror stories as consumers do about the grid-wide free hunts. Content doesn’t create itself. Designers barely have time to rise to the demand of discounted goods and 3-5 hunts a month and then still try and continue to produce the quality goods that we offer full price in our stores. We wish to offer a different way of approaching the generosity of vendors, without pushing them to close their stores or be forced to quit giving free or discounted gifts entirely. We wish to focus on the quality of the work, and bring value back into second life, before it diminishes completely. The 10L price for the hunt gifts will go towards helping our creators finacially and serve as encouragement, letting them know their work and effort is appreciated.
Morrigan Denimore – Group Owner and Organizer
Yukio Ida – Co. Organizer

Moon Dance Designs item for Vendor Support Month on sale June 1-June 30 for 10L

Vendor Support Month Item-"Claire" Set

Vendor Support Month Item-"Claire" Set