Halloween Goodies

It’s time for HALLOWEEN at Moon Dance Designs! I have stocked the shop with seasonal jewelry pieces for your Halloween costumes!

At the main shop in Monty…there is a Bobbing for Apples Game (loaded with more sparkly prizes each week), a Halloween Lantern Hunt (like the Lucky Chair..hunt for your inital on the pumpkin), and a FULLY LOADED Lucky Chair! Many prizes to be given away!

There also now a HALLOWEEN SHOP for all your Halloween decoration needs! There is also a JACK-O-LANTER HUNT outside the shop. Prizes ranging in price from 0L to 20L! Jewelry, home deco, Halloween decorations to name a few of the prizes!

The Game and Hunts will continue till the end of the month…Halloween…and will be even more prizes and goodies that day!

Halloween Dollarbie at MAIN SHOP only and only for the month of October.

Following is a sample of the just released Halloween pieces: Cute little ghost earrings will please the crowd this season!

Ghost Earrings

Ghost Earrings

Along with everyone’s favorite…JackO Earrings:
JackO Earrings
JackO Earrings
And of course…all time favorites in earring form and hat form!
Black Witch's Hat Earrings

Black Witch

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Girl’s Night In!

Girl's Night In

The first international Virtual Girl’s Night In! ” Girls Night In”  (GNI) is a project initiative of the Cancer Council of WA to raise funds and awareness for women’s cancers. Hosted by Evane models the GNI will kick off at Noon slt on 18th October 2008, with:
12pm noon SLT: Opening of “Affirming Life” mixed media exhibition of breast cancer survivors’ thoughts on the things essential to survival. Uplifting and powerful!

12.30 Euterpe Queller (‘just call me EQ’) one of Sl’s greatest and most successful live singers will leave you in awe with a voice evocative of hot sensual nights, warm honey, cigars and a good bourbon!

2.30pm “In The Pink” Fashion Show with of course, top models (well,m what else could be expected from Evane Models). Led by Mimmi Boa (Finalist Miss SL Universe ). Luciana Pinazzo, Kay Fairey and Chalice Carling (* Finalist Miss SL Universe (representing Australia), * Won place in Maeva 2009 calendar,* JCNY winner June) AND THE WONDERFUL DESIGNERS who provided all thinks pink! :
BLISS Couture,KA Designs,SF designs,ZHAO shoes.

4.30pmslt… EXTREME AVI MAKEOVER: Slexy Magazine and BeReal perform an extreme avi makeover in front of your very eyes! 2 breast cancer survivors have been selected to ‘be the stars’! This event links into the ‘International cancer support ‘Looking Good: Feel Great” Project.

5.00pm The ‘GIRL’S NIGHT IN”!!! (BOYS ARE ALLOWED..but have to leave the toilet seat down). 2 hours of great music by one of SL’s sexiest DJ’s Moonmaiden Horner. Slumber party packs are supplied by Mystik imod and pedipetz.. so no excuse not to join in the slumber party.. and yes, pillow fighting IS encouraged!

our heartfelt thanks go to all sponsors who have helped make this event one ‘not to be missed’:
Australian Broadcasting Commission for support in promotion of this event.

Breast Cancer Awareness Resources on Pi for the great awareness packs and promo items.

Fashion designers: Bliss Couture, Creative Kaoz, Kayliwulf Kindom and More Designs for the great fashion freebies. (but please show your appreciation in the donation boxes dotted around the sim :))

Raw Art Gallery: especially sculpter Colt Parx for not only the donation of all proceeds from the animated spiritual sculpture.. “In The Wings Of Angels” but also for the wonderful angel and pink ribbon sculptures He has placed here to show the strength and power of love and survival! Please note that Colt has also places a pink sculture at the ACC sim with all proceeds going to ACC all year round.

VIP Room fundraising Event for the Evane Girl’s Night In at ther VIP Club.

Xtreme Reality Skins for the generous donation of $5,000L plus a FREE Xtreme Reality 3D skin for all participants! Now we all get to look GREAT!

and the artists, garden and decor designers – BJ’s Home and Garden Store, RazMataz Art, Chateau Decadence Gallery, Tastefully Erotic and THERaven Slade.

The survivors and artists that so generously shared their stories through visual and written art and who donated their works in the ‘Affirming Life” Art Exhibition.

Sandro Fratica, Owner of Evane Models: Donation of one week’s income derived from mall store rentals.

I am so HONORED to be able to DJ this great event! Good luck to all involved!

Jewelry Exposition 2008

Moon Dance Designs made it to the 2008 Jewelry Expo!  It runs from October 5-11.

I released three new Wedding Sets for the Expo..Celtic Knots Wedding Set and Heart’s Desire in Platinum and 14K Gold…These are priced at a special price for the Expo only!

The “Celtic Knots” Wedding Set has unique textures and set with sparkling rubies. The set includes the men’s wedding band, women’s wedding band, engagement ring, and a linked set of the wedding band/engagement ring for the ladies.

Celtic Knots Wedding Set

Celtic Knots Wedding Set


Heart’s Desire has a heart shaped diamond as a focal on the engagement ring, with a band of diamonds encircled by rings of 14K gold or platinum. The set includes the men’s wedding band, women’s wedding band, engagement ring, and a linked set of the wedding band/engagement ring for the ladies.

Heart's Desire Wedding Set


 Heart’s Desire in Platinum. The set includes the men’s wedding band, women’s wedding band, engagement ring, and a linked set of the wedding band/engagement ring for the ladies.

Heart's Desire Wedding Set in Platinum


Welcome to Moon Dance Designs Blog!

Welcome to my blog. I am a “resident” of the virtual world Second Life, where I am the creator and owner of Moon Dance Designs, a jewelry boutique. 

I am a Real Life jewelry artist who is dedicated to bringing Real Life jewelry designs to your Second Life! Each piece of jewelry is hand crafted with attention to detail; using unique textures and expert prim manipulation.